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A chapter of the American Humanist Association and The Alliance of Secular Humanist Societies.

April 2002   Volume 4,  No. 1




Last month

D.J. Grothe, Field Director for the Council for Secular Humanism, stopped in during his tour of Texas. D.J. gave a fascinating (and disturbing) talk about "The Mind Seige" movement.


"Mind Siege" is the latest literary delusion from Tim LaHaye, the author of the "Left Behind" series that most of us have, well, left behind. In short, LaHaye believes that we evil Humanists are taking over the country, including the major networks, several prominent foundations and colleges, several high-ranking government offices and (of course) The United Nations.


"The Humanists who number 7 to 10 million, with perhaps 15 to 20 million fellow travelers in the whole country, have captured to all intents and purposes, the major power centers of American Society," Brother Tim asserts. In all probability, LaHaye also thinks we control the formula for Coca-Cola, too.


"Mind Siege" is the Religious Right's latest scam for scaring people and, not incidentally, raising money. D.J. gave us an excellent presentation on the subject, and those who attended really learned a lot. Which leads us to our next issue . .



This Month

This month's meeting will focus on the Humanist response to "Mind Seige." Paul Kurtz, head of the Council for Secular Humanism, has made a video in which he addresses LaHaye's accusations and distortions. The tape lasts 30 minutes (only a fraction of the time that LaHaye rambles on) and if you missed the March meeting, this will provide a good, quick overview of the attack on Humanism. And for those of you who did hear D.J.'s talk, you definitely will want to be there for this.


The meeting will be 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 10, at Westside Unitarian Universalist Church, 6901 South McCart. We hope everyone will want to attend, rain or -- uh, more rain . . . .



"Decision '02"

Well, the campaigning is over, the votes have been counted, and the election is over. We do indeed have new officers. Here are the people who will be leading us in the next year:


Chairman: Shane Taylor; Vice Chairman: Mike Haney; Secretary: Reed Bilz; Treasurer, Dolores Ruhs.


In addition, Yours Cruelly will not hold an office, but will continue to serve as newsletter editor.



United we can stand (it)

This renewed attack on Humanism makes this next announcement all the more significant: The American Humanist Associations' National Conference is coming in May, right down the road in Houston. The AHA has a great lineup of programs and speakers, including Steven Weinberg, 1979 Nobel Laureate and 2002 Humanist of the Year.


The Conference will be held May 10-12, at the Marriott Hotel, 5050 Westheimer, and room rates are $99. It would be great if we could get a small group together to go, represent us, network, and learn more about our fellow Texas Humanists. If you are interested in attending, please send a message to the Yahoo Group. And to make reservations, call 800-228-9290 and mention the American Humanist Association. For more information on the conference,  visit the AHA website, or call AHA at (800) 837-3792 or email



To hell and back

Speaking of conferences, The Atheist Alliance International convention was held right here in the Metroplex last month. Representing our illustrious group were Sandra Langley, Mike Haney, Gayle Walker and Yours Unruly. The event was well-attended, and definitely worth the while -- sorry if you missed it. Special recognition to Humanists Shelly and John Hattan for taking on the responsibility of putting this big conference together; not even giving birth could slow down Shelly. Congratulations to them for TWO missions successfully completed!



To heck and back

March also was the month for another worthwhile event, the ACLU's forum on anti-terrorist laws and our civil rights. Unfortunately, the event did not draw nearly as good a turnout as had been hoped; where were all our Humanist and atheist friends? Kudos goes anyway to Reed Bilz and her colleagues for working so hard to organize the event; let's hope for more success next time!



Spring cleaning

Hard to believe it, but it's time again for another run down our Adopt-a-Street, Granbury Road. First, those strong spring winds blasted litter over the area, and now we've got massive flooding dumping more debris; about the only that hasn't happened is a plague of locusts. So be watching for an announcement -- and have your snorkel mask ready!



No jacket required

Finally, as has become our custom, we will gather before the meeting for dinner, fellowship and dessert.


Everyone seems to be pretty worn out of the Chili's thing, so this month, we'll try some place a little different: Kazusan Japanese Restaurant. It's a decent place with tolerable prices (figure $8-$12 for an entre) and for you hard-cores, they even have some pretty good sushi.


Kazusan is located at 4932 Overton Ridge Boulevard; that's right off of Hulen, and just south of the mall. The restaurant is tucked into a shopping center on the right (north side) of the street. If you have trouble finding it, you can call me on my cell phone, 817-937-5476. And if you don't like Asian food -- well, next month, YOU can pick the restaurant . . . .



Just for fun

Question: What did the cannibal say when he came upon a sleeping missionary?
Answer: Ah -- Breakfast in bed!


Hope to see you Wednesday,





How to reach us


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Reed Bilz, Secretary


Dolores Ruhs, Treasurer


Jeff Rodriguez, Newsletter Editor/Lame Duck