The Cowtown Humanist

A chapter of the American Humanist Association and The Alliance of Secular Humanist Societies.

March 2002 Volume 3,  No. 12




This month's meeting

Yep, we are making a late and abrupt switch in our monthly meeting schedule. But we're doing it for a very good reason: So we can take advantage of a visit from a special guest.


DJ Grothe is the Field Director for the national Council for Secular Humanism, and he will be making a swing through Texas later this month. As part of his tour, he is wanting to meet and speak to as many Humanist groups as possible -- and we are quite happy to oblige him.

DJ will be here to meet with our group and give us an overview on what is going on with our groups he has met around the country. He also will have a presentation to share with us. All in all, it promises to be a very cool and interesting meeting. The only problem is, we don't know when it will be held -- yet.


I have already contacted DJ's office, and expect to hear from him on Monday. As soon as I can talk with him, we will coordinate a date when he will be available in Fort Worth. And once I know, you'll know, too. Sorry to leave everyone dangling like this, but we think it's worth the trouble, and we hope you agree.


So that's the deal: The March meeting has been postponed, with the new date and time TBA. For further updates, stay tuned to this station.



Last month

Humanist member Russell Elleven spoke about the life and turtles -- er, times -- of Charles Darwin. It was a great presentation, and to thank Russell, the group may even give him a watch. Of course, it will have to be a Fossil watch . . .



It's in the Bag

Back in February, we made another clean sweep of our Adopt-a-Street, Granbury Road. The weather was good, the work went fast, and afterward, we enjoyed a spankin' good breakfast at the local IHOP, complements of our organization budget. Thanks to all who came out to help!




Don't forget about the cool forum coming up this week. It's sponsored by the TWU Law School and the ACLU, and the title is, "How the Anti-Terrorist Laws Will Affect Our Civil Rights." The forum  will be held 9:00- 11:30 a.m. Saturday, March 16, at the McFadden Science Lecture Theatre at the TWU main campus.


Panelists include Will Harrell of the Texas ACLU; Lynn Rambo, TWU Law Professor, Don Jackson of the Fort Worth ACLU, and  Dr. Ahmad A. Sbaiti, Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee. We Humansits of Fort Worth are one of the event's co-sponsors.


We may need some help working this event. If you are available to help the event organizers, contact Reed Bilz, 817-292-7974. Hope to see you there!



Hell of A Good Time

As if anyone could have forgotten, The Atheist Alliance International convention will be held this month, too -- right here in the Metroplex! The event will be March 29-31, at D/FW Airport. They have an excellent lineup of speakers and entertainment.


A couple of our members are committed (or maybe, "should be committed") to attending the Saturday night (March 30) event, which includes a dinner and satirical musical performance. The cost is $40, but there is a good possibility we may be able to subsidize your expense with some of our bountiful organization funds. If you are interested in attending, you can contact me, or just respond on the Group e-mail. For detailed information, check out the Metroplex Atheists website,



Is this our last meeting?

Don't laugh -- it's not completely out of the question. As most of you already know, this month we will hold elections for the new officers. But we haven't exactly been overrun with people anxious to announce their candidacy; in fact, at this point, we've heard from only ONE person who may be interested. So our membership faces a situation vaguely similar to the one faced by the dinosaurs: Do something, or face the possibility of extinction.


First, let's look at the current status. The Treasurer/Secretary, Bruce, has held the office (actually TWO offices) for two years. A previous officer, Russell, founded the organization, and then served as Chair for two years as well. Clearly, these guys have done their tours of duty.


The Vice Chairman, Mike, has already put in a full year helping with our activities and representing us at other meetings, and he has made it clear he does not have time to serve as Chairman. And Your Untruly has put in a very busy year too, trying to do newsletters and schedule speakers while logging 60-hour work weeks; it's gotten so bad lately that I've had to start using a Mapsco to find my way home. In short, we're just about maxxed out.


Anyway, if you would like to see our group continue and perhaps even grow, we need to hear from you. The positions open are: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasure, Secretary and Wide Receiver. (Ooops, scratch that last one.) Elections will be held at the same meeting where we hear from Mr. Grothe . . . We hope you will want to attend and vote. And we especially hope someone will want to SERVE. 



Just for fun

Three men died and were at the pearly gates waiting to see St. Peter. The first man had been a pediatric surgeon who had helped many kids; the second guy was a counselor who also had helped many people. Of course, St. Peter gave both of them instant entry.

Then the third man stepped forward; he had been the manager of an HMO. He started to brag about all the good things he had done, but St. Peter cut him off.

"You can come in, too," St. Peter said, "But you can only stay three days. After that, you can go to Hell."


Keep your calendars handy,





How to reach us


Jeff Rodriguez, Chairman



Mike Haney, Vice Chairman


Bruce Berggren, Treasurer