A chapter of the American Humanist Association and The Alliance of Secular Humanist Societies.

November 2001 Volume 3,  No. 8




Next Meeting

This month's meeting will be 7 p.m. Wednesday, November 14, at the Westside UU Church, 6901 McCart. The guest speaker will be Westside UU Minister Lillie Henley. See below for details.


Last month

Rosemary Bell of the Women's Haven spoke to our group about domestic violence. She gave a fascinating and relevant talk that was appreciated by everyone. Unfortunately, our turnout was a little lower than usual. It may have had something to do with the weather, but I'm guessing it has something to do with me. (After all, it's ALWAYS about me.) Anyway, after Rosemary's talk, we presented her with a small assortment of goods that the Women's Haven had identified on their "wish list." This was a first for our group, but we hope to do more donations in the future. Stay tuned!



It ain't easy bein' clean

In our never-ending battle to clean up this town (or at least one stretch of road in it) we held another trash pick-up in October. My thanks to everyone who helped sift through the grass, including Mike Haney, Bruce Bergrren, Russell Elleven, Pam Hughes and Wallace and Gail Harrison, who also brought along their two fine children to help out. We had a fine morning, and afterward, we convened at the bagel shop to discuss the day and compare dog bites (just kidding). Now we're just waiting to hear Bruce's feasibility study on whether we can afford to buy our own riding mower.



And the contraband played on

Some of you may recall that we were contacted, several months back, by a young man who is in prison, and is interested in learning about Humanism. We had decided that, although we would not give him a free membership, we would send him several back issues of the magazine.


Well, the wheels of justice may move slowly, but the wheels of a prison barely budge. We have sent the young man a package of magazines twice, and both times it has been refused by the prison officials; apparently, Humanists are just too suspicious. However, Russell and I have discussed the situation, and we are going to try one more time, this time mailing each magazine individually -- sort of hoping to wear them down. With any luck, at least a couple of these shipments will get in -- maybe even before the prisoner gets out.



It's beginning to look a lot like . . . solstice

If you've started taking note of holiday parties, be sure to write down this one: The Winter Solstice Bash. It's an annual celebration for Humanists, atheists and all other free-thinkers. The party is set for December 16, and is held in Weatherford, in the "party barn" (and it IS a barn) of Dick Hogan, a member of the Metroplex Atheists.


We've had members attend in previous years, but usually, we just show up and indulge in all the food and drinks. This year, we'd like to take a more active role, helping with the planning and providing some goodies. If you can help -- or even if you'd just like to go check it out, let us know; two of our members, Shelly and John Hattan, also are involved with the Atheists group, and can provide even more details. We hope to have a large turnout at this party -- after all, it's "the reason for the season."



Here's mud in your idea

Some of our members have expressed an interest in starting a Toastmasters Club for Humanists and other freethinkers. Of course, this would be a good opportunity for anyone to sharpen your speaking skills, but mostly it would be another cool way to get together with like-minded folks and discuss relevant issues of the day (and night). If you want to know more about the toastmasters first, check out their web site, If you're interested in trying to start a group, post a comment on the yahoo groups board, or contact Russell Elleven. Cheers!



Thank you for being a friend

At Humanists of Fort Worth, we're always looking for new members . . . but we need your help to find them. Do you know someone who might enjoy seeing our newsletter? Just let us know, and we will add that person to our mailing list (electronic or conventional) and send them a few future copies. Send your suggestion to either Bruce or myself, and we'll take it from there. There is no cost no commitment -- and no salesman will call.



We're only hUUman

Religion and Humanism: They go together like . . . well, DO they go together? Rev. Lillie Henley, the new minister of the Westside UU Church, will try to help answer that question. She'll be discussing religious Humanism, the tradition of Humanism within the Unitarian Universalist church, and some of her own personal thoughts about atheism and agnosticism and Humanism. (Of course, she'll also want to hear from all of you, too.) This promises to be fascinating and wide-ranging discussion, and we hope you will want to attend.



Coming in December

Linda Foley, from the local chapter of Peace Action, will be speaking to our group about their group's current anti-war activities and the controversy it has generated. This will be a topic that is truly timely and provocative -- mark your calendars now!



Just for fun

Q: Did you hear what happened to the minister when he went to Mount Olive?
A: Popeye almost killed him.



Hope to see you Wednesday,






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