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The Newsletter of the Humanists of Ft. Worth

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Alliance of Secular Humanist Societies


Volume 2, No. 05 webalias.com/humanism August 2000

August 9th


The August meeting will feature a presentation by Kelle Muller. The title of the talk is "SMART Recovery: A Non-Theistic Alternative to AA."

Come join us to learn more about this valuable program. Alcoholics Anonymous is often presented as the only option. The more we know the less we have to believe!

Last Month’s Meeting

Dr. Daryl Schmidt of the TCU Religion Department joined us for the July 12th meeting.

Dr. Schmidt spoke to us of the Jesus Seminar. The larger than average crowd enlightened about the sayings of Jesus. The Jesus Seminar was organized under the auspices of the Westar Institute to renew the quest of the historical Jesus and to report the results of its research to more than a handful of gospel


Adopt a Street!!

September 16th has been designated as our first effort to clean up our adopted street of Granbury Road. If you’ve not yet had a chance, go by and take a look at the sign. One sign is by the intersection of University and Granbury Road. The other is at the intersection of Trail Lake and Granbury.

We will have more details at the next meeting and in the newsletter. We will probably meet for breakfast and then go on to clean the site. This will be a wonderful opportunity for our group.

Freethought Directory

Dear Fellow Freethinker,

The print version of The Freethought Directory is now available! It's a 248-page, 5" x 8" paperback, with a color cover and a beautiful color Bank of Wisdom ad on the back. The text is on bright-white paper, with a nice feel and appearance. There are state and country maps and about a dozen attractive black-and-white ads.

One copy, and all copies for individuals, are $10.96 each, including shipping and handling in most cases.* (See IMPORTANT MAILING INFORMATION below.)



All shipping is by Book Rate.

No extra charge for orders sent to U.S. addresses, or by SURFACE mail worldwide (6-8 weeks). For OVERSEAS AIR MAIL (1-2 weeks): to CANADA, add $4 per book; to ALL OTHER COUNTRIES, add $8 per book.


Questions? Call the Atheist Alliance at 612-588-7031 or e-mail .



If you have speakers you would like to see at our monthly meetings please let one of the officers know of your request. Without your input we will continue to make these decisions for you J

Our Meetings!

WHO: Humanists of Ft. Worth

WHAT: Monthly Meeting

WHERE: First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

WHEN: Second Wednesday of Each Month - 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.



Do we want to host a cable TV show entitled, "The Humanist Perspective"?

For the hour TV program we would need to:

  1. Contact our local cable

provider and ask for the person in charge of scheduling the public access TV slots; 2) They will send you a packet explaining what you need to do and what type of tape format they want; 3) you will need to sign some paper work locally as the area’s local sponsor which entails getting new tapes to the studio and returning tapes that have been shown.

If you are interested in taking on this task please contact one of the Humanists of Ft. Worth officers at the next meeting.

How do I get to the meeting?

First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church is located at 1959 Sandy Lane between Meadowbrook drive and Brentwood Stair Road. Anyone needing assistance to the meeting should contact Russell.

American Humanist Association

Humanists of Ft. Worth are encouraged to join the American Humanist Association. A special introductory membership rate of $25 is now available. The Humanist magazine and Free Mind newsletter are benefits of membership.


7 Harwood Drive

P.O. Box 1188

Amherst, NY 14226-7188

(800) 743-6646

PLEASE let your voice

be heard

Think about sharing your ideas about humanism with the readers of The Cowtown Humanist. No doubt we all have opinions we’d like to let others know about…do it in your newsletter

The Humor File

They think, therefore I am. - God

Humanists of Ft. Worth Officers


Russell Elleven


Jeff Rodriguez


Bruce Berggren


Joel Bailey


Russell Elleven is certified as a Humanist minister by the Humanist Society of Friends. He can officiate weddings, commitment ceremonies, naming ceremonies, and other life celebrating events. He is also available during periods of grief and to officiate memorial services.

817.370.2171 – hm

817.257.7870 – wk