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By-Laws of the Humanists of Ft. Worth

    I. NAME
    The name of this association shall be “Humanists of Fort Worth.”

    This locally based association shall:

    1. Support the general philosophy of the American Humanist Association and the Council of Secular Humanism in the community of Fort Worth and the surrounding suburbs and towns.

    2. Provide a convenient place for area humanists to meet regularly, exchange ideas, and engage in discussions about humanism and related topics.

    Any person shall be eligible for membership in this association who pays the annual membership dues established by the association and who affirms the philosophy of Humanism as stated below:

    Humanism is optimistic regarding human nature and confident in human reason and science as the best means of reaching the goal of human fulfillment in this world.

    Humanists affirm that humans are a product of the same evolutionary process that produced all other living organisms and that all ideas, knowledge, values, and social systems are based upon human experience.

    Humanists conclude that creative ability and personal responsibility are strongest when the mind is free from supernatural belief and operates in an atmosphere of freedom and democracy.

    1. The goals and policy of the association shall be decided by the membership at the annual meetings, and at special membership meetings as needed.

    2. Between such membership meetings, the affairs of the association shall be administered by an Executive Board, consistent with the expressed membership desires, and in accordance with these bylaws and any other membership-approved rules of conduct.

    1. The officers of this association shall be a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. (In the event of insufficient candidates for office, the duties of the Secretary and Treasurer may be consolidated into a single office of Secretary-Treasurer.) The officers shall be elected by the membership annually and shall be known collectively as the Executive Board (or Board). The Immediate Past Chairperson, if available and consenting, shall serve as an ex-officio voting member of the Board.

    2. Any member in good standing may be nominated with his or her consent by any other member in good standing, or by him- or herself for any elective position. Each person so elected shall serve a term of one year, or until his or her successor is elected, or until otherwise vacating the office. An individual may be elected to the office of Chairperson for no more than two consecutive terms.

    3. The duties of the Board shall be to: (a) pursue the goals established by the membership, and administer the affairs of the association in accordance with the bylaws; (b) approve the establishment of any standing committees, and the appointment of the chairs of such committees; and (c) fulfill their individual duties.

    1. Any vacancy on the Executive Board that occurs between elections shall be filled by an appointee of the Chairperson until a special election can be held within 60 days of the vacancy.

    2. If any officer fails to perform his or her duties, or acts contrary to these bylaws or other expressed will of the membership, the Board by majority vote of the rest of the officers may cite the offending officer for “Failure to Properly Perform.” The Board may call a special membership meeting, at which the charges will be specified, and a vote taken to remove the charged officer, and elect a successor.

    The officers and their respective duties shall be:

      A. Chairperson:

      1. Preside at all meetings of the membership and Executive Board.
      2. Plan the dates, times, and places of all meetings, with the approval of or as directed by the Board.
      3. Secure a speaker, and/or arrange the program for all meetings, with the approval and assistance of the Board.
      4. Appoint the chairs of all standing committees with the concurrence of the Board.
      5. Establish, and appoint the chairs of any special, or temporary committees.
      6. If the Chairperson is unable to perform any of his or her duties, he or she shall notify the Vice Chairperson in a timely manner so that satisfactory alternate arrangements may be made.

      B. Vice Chairperson:
      1. Serve as an assistant to the Chairperson as he or she may direct, and help assure the activity and timely reporting of all committees.
      2. Preside at meetings when the Chairperson is absent.
      3. Temporarily assume the duties of the Chairperson in the event of his or her incapacitance or inability to serve.
      4. Assume the office of the Chairperson upon the death, incapacitance, resignation, or other permanent absence of the chairperson as determined by the Board.
      5. Inform all members in advance of the dates, times, and agendas of upcoming meetings.
      6. Prepare and distribute a monthly newsletter to all membership.
      7. With approval of the Board, the duties of meeting notification and the newsletter may be assigned in whole or in part to another member of the Board, ,a volunteer member or other consenting person.

      C. Secretary
      1. Maintain an accurate record of the activities and official actions at each meeting.
      2. Maintain any official correspondence of the association as directed or approved by the Chairperson.
      3. Preside at meetings, and fulfill any duties of the Chairman in the event of the absence of both the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.

      D. Treasurer
      1. Collect and record any dues payments, as well as any donations or other association income, and deposit same in the association’s bank account.
      2. Maintain a record of any money spent and for what purpose.
      3. Except for Board-authorized expenditures, any fund disbursements must be approved by the Chairperson, and reports of all income and expenses shall be provided no less than monthly to the Chairperson, and quarterly to each member of the Board.
      4. Maintain an accurate record of the association membership, and send or cause to be sent a solicitation for membership renewal and the amount of dues that will be due, at least 60 days prior to the expiration date.

      E. Immediate Past Chairperson:
      Serve as an advisor to the Chairperson, as requested, and lend experienced advice and counsel to the Board.

    1. In addition to any standing committees, the Board and/or the Chairperson may appoint any special or temporary committees to advance the goals or proper conduct of the association.

    2. The appointment of the chair of any standing or special/temporary committee will expire either at the completion of the committee task, or when a new Chairperson is elected, whichever comes first. The incoming Chairperson may or may not at his or her discretion reappoint any existing committee chairs.

    These bylaws may be amended by majority vote of the membership at a monthly meeting, or any emergency meeting. All proposed bylaw amendments must be submitted to the Executive Board at least two months before the meeting at which they will be considered.

    The Board shall mail a report on each proposed change to the membership, along with the Board’s considered recommendation for approval or rejection, to the membership at least thirty days prior to the meeting at which they will be considered.

Humanists of Ft. Worth
Ft. Worth, TX