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Humanist Minister/Celebrant

    Humanist Celebrant
    HOFW Member Jeff Rodriguez is a Certified Humanist Celebrant and legally sanctioned to peform weddings in Texas. Jeff is happy to work with couples to help them have a marraige ceremony that truly fits their beliefs, and his fees are very reasonable. Jeff can be reached via his webpage or by email at

    Some Humanist Minister Duties and Responsibilities

    Special thanks to Humanists of Idaho for most of this page's text!

  • Humanist Weddings: As opposed to religious services which are inherently sexist, Humanist ceremonies are built upon equality, love and respect between the bride and groom. A successful Humanist marriage thrives on the efforts of the couple, not on the intervention of a supernatural being or power.

  • Commitment Ceremonies: Humanists and Humanist Ministers adhere to ethics and principles which assert that all adults, whatever their religious preference or sexual orientation, have the right to form committed loving relationships, and to acknowledge the significance of those relationships with ceremony and celebration.

  • Rites of Passage: Rites of passage ceremonies acknowledge and celebrate crucial transitions in life, such as: birth, child-naming, graduation, marriage, and re-birth through the cycle of new life.

  • Funeral Ceremonies: Humanists use the word "ceremony" rather than "service," as we see it as an occasion to celebrate a human life and to provide mutual support and comfort for the living, rather than as a "service" to a deity.

    Contact Dr. Russell K. Elleven or Jeff Rodriguez.for any of these services.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions about Humanist Ministers

    What is a Humanist Minister?
    The function of a Humanist Minister is identical to that of a minister, clergyperson, pastor, priest, or rabbi. Counseling of a pastoral kind is necessary for preparing a wedding or memorial. This is common to the practice of all clergy, and a Humanist Minister is expected to help clients sort out questions about ethics and morals as they apply to Humanism. In no case, however, unless a Humanist Minister is otherwise certified or licensed in a helping profession, i.e. psychology, clinical social work, family or marriage counseling, etc., should he or she cross the line into those fields requiring state licensure. Dr. Elleven is licensed by the state of Texas as a professional and chemical dependency counselor.

    How many Humanist Ministers are there in Texas?
    There are currently only six Humanist Ministers/Celebrants in the state of Texas certified by the Humanist Society.

    Who ordains Humanists Ministers?
    The Division of Humanist Certification (DHC) of the Humanist Society functions as the qualifying body which confers ministerial credentials upon applicants who have met the institution's requirements to serve as clergy. All persons certified by the DHC are legally authorized to perform weddings, as well as all other rites-of-passage, common to a religious congregation or community which ordains persons to serve in its ministry. For a story of the history of the Humanist Society, click here.

    Does the state of Texas recognize marriages performed by Humanist Ministers?
    The State of Texas does recognize Humanist wedding ceremonies and weddings performed by Humanist Ministers.

    What is a Humanist ceremony?
    A Humanist ceremony is one that shows respect for both the bride and groom. The vows are personal, often specially written just for the couple. The ceremony reflects the equality of the couple, compassion, mutual trust, and respect. The basis of the Humanist marriage rests on the efforts and relationship of the couple, not on a supernatural being or power.

    Can you perform services for traditional religions?
    Yes, this ministry is basically to fit the needs of the unchurched. We can create a ceremony that says and does what you want and believe.

    Is premarital counseling required?
    No. However, Dr. Elleven is certified to offer the PREPARE inventories. Please refer to the Life Innovations home page at for more information.

    How can I learn more about the Humanist Society or its credentialling body?
    Questions concerning the HSOF, its credentialling body, the Division of Humanist Certification, or its ordained certificants may be addressed to:

    Division of Humanist Certification
    American Humanist Association
    Humanist Center 2000
    1777 T Street NW
    Washington, DC 20009-7125
    Phone toll-free: (800) 837-3792
    Phone: (202) 238-9088
    Fax: (202) 238-9003

    A Directory of Humanist Celebrants

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