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    Is A Humanist Wedding for You?

    Maybe you don't have a home church, or you and your fiance come from different faith backgrounds.

    Perhaps the two of you consider yourselves to be "spiritual but not religious." Or perhaps you are not religious at all.

    If any of these descriptions fit you, you may want to consider having a Humanist Celebrant officiate your wedding. Celebrants play a role similar to that of a traditional clergy person, performing weddings, memorial services, baby-namings and other life passage events. They are legally recognized in many countries and in all 50 states, including Texas.

    Humanist Celebrants believe that the best person to decide what is right for your wedding is YOU. Humanist ceremonies celebrate the optimism and inclusiveness of Humanism, serving non-believers as well as interfaith, interracial, and same-sex couples. In each case, the Celebrants strive to provide a ceremony that is professional, personal, and truly meaningful. It also will be respectful of your guests' beliefs.

    Texas has about 20 Humanist Celebrants, including Jeff Rodriguez, who lives in Fort Worth. He is a member of Westside Unitarian Universalist Church as well as the Humanists of Fort Worth. Contact Jeff through his Facebook page, or email him at To see a complete, state-by-state listing of Celebrants, please click here.

    Humanist Celebrants are not ordained clergy members (although they may become ordained on their own by a church). Instead, they are certified by The Humanist Society. Also, unless they have received specific training, Celebrants are not licensed to perform premarital counseling.

    To learn more, please contact the Humanist Society or one of the Celebrants. Not everyone will welcome the idea of a Humanist wedding. But a Humanist wedding will welcome everyone.

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